Exhaust Fabrication & Kitchen Hood Systems

Technical service and parts replacement of Hoods for commercial business.

Exhaust/Supply Fans:

Complete Unit Change-outs
Filter Maintenance
Cooling modules
Pollution Control Units
Belt replacements
Motor change-outs
Pulley Adjustments
Bearing Greasing


Design and Installation of hoods for commercial business


Utility Cabinet: Listed for integral side mount and fabricated of same material as hood. Cabinet can house listed fire suppression system and listed, pre-wired electrical controls.

Front Perforated Supply Plenum: Provides low velocity make-up air for the kitchen and is discharged in front of the hood. Perforated diffuser plates allow for even air distribution and supply riser includes a volume damper for easy balancing.

Enclosure Panels: Constructed of stainless steel. Sized to extend from hood top to ceiling, enclosing pipe and hanging parts.

Roof Top Package: Combination ETL Listed exhaust/supply air unit with factory prewired and mounted motors, trunkline and curb vented on exhaust side.

Separate Exhaust and/or Make-Up Air Fans: ETL Listed single exhaust fans, supply-air fans and curbs available.

Fire Suppression System: UL 300 fire suppression system.

Lighting: Compact Fluorescent or Halogen